Focus On Raising Capital. We’ll Verify Your Investors.

Now that the ban on general solicitation has been lifted, private companies and funds for the first time will be able to publicly speak about fundraising.* The hope is that this will dramatically expand the pool of potential accredited investors interested in any given capital raise. But, there’s a catch. An investor must have its accreditation status verified by the company, fund or a trusted third party.

SecondMarket, a registered broker-dealer, has a solution to help verify that investors are actually accredited. Our accreditation verification service, part of our General Solicitation Solution, enables private companies and funds to offload the burden of verifying the accreditation status of potential investors. Companies and funds can focus on fundraising…SecondMarket will handle the verification.


* General solicitation can only be used in fundraising conducted under Rule 506(c) of Regulation D.


How SecondMarket Verifies Accreditation:


Benefits of Verifying Accreditation Through SecondMarket:

  • No heavy lifting. Outsource the burden of verifying your investors’ accreditation status to a trusted service provider.
  • Maintain accuracy. All results are manually verified by SecondMarket specialists.
  • Confidentiality. Maintain the security and confidentiality of potential investors’ financial information.
  • Repeatable. Each investor’s accreditation status can be confirmed during future investment opportunities.



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