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Much like investing in startups, investing in films is a high-risk, high-reward proposition. While only big studios have access to large-budget blockbusters, individual investors can invest in independent films, which may provide the potential for compelling returns.

Packaged with the right combination of creative elements, industry champions and fiscal discipline, independent films can generate attractive non-correlated returns for equity participants. And with increasing ways to produce revenue beyond box office receipts, independent films are in a better position than ever to deliver returns to investors.

This webinar will shine a spotlight on the independent film investment process, debunk popular myths surrounding the asset class, and show that, like Moneyball, the success of a film investment is often driven by factors most commonly overlooked.

In short, this webinar aims to take the mystery out of this often misunderstood asset class and show how independent films can generate robust returns.

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The business of making, marketing and profiting from feature films has been around for over a century.

This four-part white paper, created by Slated, the next generation online platform for film investing, will take a plain-language approach to explaining the intricacies of film finance and how individual investors can profit.

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