Take a deep dive into the secondary markets for private stock. Learn about the rise of secondary markets and how private companies are using private liquidity programs to create controlled markets for their shares.


Capturing Growth: Public Equity Investors in the Private Markets

July 11, 2012

As the private, secondary markets continue to grow exponentially each year, so has the level of participation by public equity investors. Investing in growth-stage private companies traditionally has been dominated by venture capital firms. However, as the secondary markets evolve, … Read More

Strategies To Control the Transfer of Equity

April 12, 2012

There are several strategies that private companies can use to control the transfer of their equity by shareholders. Companies have the ability to establish certain transfer restrictions, limitations and policies during the course of a secondary transaction. Below is a … Read More

Issuer Rights: Controls Companies Have Over Every Transaction

March 8, 2012

SecondMarket helps private companies succeed by providing them a more efficient and secure path to liquidity. SecondMarket works directly with companies to help them use shareholder liquidity to better achieve their strategic goals. For examples of common company goals, read … Read More

What Startup Employees Should Know About Their Equity

March 8, 2012

Below are some of the key facts that every startup employee should know about their equity, curated from a recent SecondMarket event. This article summarizes the commentary from our panelists, as well as select additional sources. Panelists Lawrence D. Lenihan … Read More

Secondary Transaction Mechanics & Primer

March 8, 2012

SecondMarket helps companies facilitate and manage liquidity programs through a well-defined and robust process, designed to give companies better control as to how and when the transactions are executed. Assessment and Presentation SecondMarket partners with the company to determine the … Read More

Emergence of the Secondary Market

March 8, 2012

The recent growth of the secondary market for private stock was driven by the need to address a structural issue within the public markets. Below is a detailed synopsis of the growth of the private stock secondary market and its … Read More